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Speyer, G. Co Author Listing * Parameter Estimates for a Pencil of Lines: Bounds and Estimators

Speyer, O.[Orestis] Co Author Listing * Localizing SDG 11.6.2 via Earth Observation, Modelling Applications, and Harmonised City Definitions: Policy Implications on Addressing Air Pollution

Speyer, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Adventures in archiving and using three years of webcam images
* Geolocating Static Cameras

Speyerer, E.J. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Feature Detectors and Descriptors in Remote Images Of Planetary Bodies
* Digital Elevation Models and Derived Products from LROC NAC Stereo Observations
* Exploring The Moon With The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera
* Extracting Accurate And Precise Topography From LROC Narrow Angle Camera Stereo Observations
* Geometric Calibration Of The Clementine Uvvis Camera Using Images Acquired By The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
* In-flight Geometric Calibration of The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera
* Revised Coordinates for Apollo Hardware
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