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Sitnik, M.[Maciek] Co Author Listing * email: Sitnik, M.[Maciek]: msitnik AT bpe es osaka-u ac jp
* Verification of Persons via Face and Signature Analysis
Includes: Sitnik, M.[Maciek] Sitnik, M.[Maciej]

Sitnik, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Approach to Analysis the Surface Geometry Change in Cultural Heritage Objects
* Assessment of next-best-view algorithms performance with various 3D scanners and manipulator
* CATCHA: Real-Time Camera Tracking Method for Augmented Reality Applications in Cultural Heritage Interiors
* Colour and Space in Cultural Heritage: Key Questions in 3D Optical Documentation of Material Culture for Conservation, Study and Preservation
* Data Acquisition Enhancement in Shape and Multispectral Color Measurements of 3D Objects
* In the Pursuit of Perfect 3D Digitization of Surfaces of Paintings: Geometry and Color Optimization
* Towards Optimal Spectral and Spatial Documentation of Cultural Heritage. COSCH: An Interdisciplinary Action in the Cost Framework
Includes: Sitnik, R.[Robert] Sitnik, R.
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