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Shizawa, M. Co Author Listing * Direct Estimation of Multiple Disparities for Transparent Multiple Surfaces in Binocular Stereo
* Direct Representation and Detection of Multi-Scale, Multi-Orientation Fields Using Local Differentiation Filters
* Discrete invertible affine transformations
* On visual ambiguities due to transparency in motion and stereo
* Principle of Superposition: A Common Computational Framework for Analysis of Multiple Motion
* Reconstruction of multiple overlapping surfaces via standard regularization techniques
* Simultaneous Multiple Optical Flow Estimations
* Unified Computational Theory for Motion Transparency and Motion Boundaries Based on Eigenenergy Analysis, A
Includes: Shizawa, M. Shizawa, M.[Masahiko]
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Shizumura, R. Co Author Listing * Sonar Recognition of Targets Embedded in Sediment

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