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Shikada, M. Co Author Listing * Method To Obtain Position Using GNSS and RFID for Realization of Indoor and Outdoor Seamless Positioning, The
* On the Evaluation of GNSS Complementary By Using Quasizenith Satellite Of Japan

Shikai, M.[Masahiro] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint Authentication Device Based on Optical Characteristics Inside a Finger

Shikano, K. Co Author Listing * Lip Movement Synthesis from Speech Based on Hidden Markov Models
* Speech-To-Face Movement Synthesis Based on HMMS
Includes: Shikano, K. Shikano, K.[Kiyohiro]

Shikh Bahaei, M. Co Author Listing * Cross-Layer Resource Allocation for Video Streaming Over OFDMA Cognitive Radio Networks
* Full-Duplex Multiple Access Mechanism for Connected Vehicles Operating at Different Autonomous Levels in NR eV2X VANETs
Includes: Shikh Bahaei, M. Shikh-Bahaei, M. Shikh-Bahaei, M.[Mohammad]

Shikh Bahaei, M.R. Co Author Listing * Analytical Modeling for Delay-Sensitive Video Over WLAN
* Low-Complexity Analytical Modeling for Cross-Layer Adaptive Error Protection in Video Over WLAN, A
Includes: Shikh Bahaei, M.R. Shikh-Bahaei, M.R.

Shikhaliev, A.P. Co Author Listing * Low-Rank Structured Covariance Matrix Estimation

Shikhare, D.[Dinesh] Co Author Listing * Advancing Fan-Front: 3D triangle mesh compression using fan based traversal
* Compression of Large 3-D Engineering Models Using Automatic Discovery of Repeating Geometric Features
Includes: Shikhare, D.[Dinesh] Shikhare, D.

Shikhov, A.[Andrey] Co Author Listing * Giant Aufeis: Unknown Glaciation in North-Eastern Eurasia According to Landsat Images 2013-2019
* Satellite-Based Mapping of Gold-Mining-Related Land-Cover Changes in the Magadan Region, Northeast Russia
* Towards the Accurate Automatic Detection of Mesoscale Convective Systems in Remote Sensing Data: From Data Mining to Deep Learning Models and Their Applications
Includes: Shikhov, A.[Andrey] Shikhov, A.[Andrei]

Shikhovtsev, A.Y.[Artem Y.] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Conditions within Big Telescope Alt-Azimuthal Region and Possibilities of Astronomical Observations
* Precipitable Water Vapor and Fractional Clear Sky Statistics within the Big Telescope Alt-Azimuthal Region
Includes: Shikhovtsev, A.Y.[Artem Y.] Shikhovtsev, A.Y.[Artem Yu.]

Shikhovtsev, M.Y.[Maxim Yu.] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Conditions within Big Telescope Alt-Azimuthal Region and Possibilities of Astronomical Observations

Shikkenawis, G.[Gitam] Co Author Listing * 2D Orthogonal Locality Preserving Projection for Image Denoising
* Epitome based transform domain Image Denoising
* Face and facial expression recognition using Extended Locality Preserving Projection
* Image denoising using 2D orthogonal locality preserving discriminant projection
* Modified Orthogonal Neighborhood Preserving Projection for Face Recognition
* Natural Scene Statistics and CNN Based Parallel Network for Image Quality Assessment
* Variants of Locality Preserving Projection for Modular Face and Facial Expression Recognition
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Shiklomanov, N.I.[Nikolay I.] Co Author Listing * Land Cover Change in the Lower Yenisei River Using Dense Stacking of Landsat Imagery in Google Earth Engine

Shikoska, U.R.[Ustijana Rechkoska] Co Author Listing * Intensity-curvature functional-based digital high-pass filters

Shiku, O.[Osamu] Co Author Listing * Method for Character String Extraction Using Local and Global Segment Crowdedness, A
* Range Finder Using Circular Dynamic Stereo

Shikwambana, L.[Lerato] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Responses of Aviation-Related SO2 and NO2 Emissions to COVID-19 Lockdown Regulations in South Africa
* Assessment of the Characteristics of Recent Major Wildfires in the USA, Australia and Brazil in 2018-2019 Using Multi-Source Satellite Products
* Seasonal Comparison of the Wildfire Emissions in Southern African Region during the Strong ENSO Events of 2010/11 and 2015/16 Using Trend Analysis and Anomaly Detection

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