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Shedeed, H.A.[Howida A.] Co Author Listing * new technique for background modeling and subtraction for motion detection in real-time videos, A
* New technique for online object tracking-by-detection in video

Shedligeri, P.[Prasan] Co Author Listing * High frame rate optical flow estimation from event sensors via intensity estimation
* Improving Acquisition Speed of X-Ray Ptychography Through Spatial Undersampling and Regularization
* SeLFVi: Self-supervised Light-Field Video Reconstruction from Stereo Video
* Synthesizing Light Field Video from Monocular Video
* Unified Framework for Compressive Video Recovery from Coded Exposure Techniques, A
* Video reconstruction by spatio-temporal fusion of blurred-coded image pair

Shedligeri, P.A. Co Author Listing * Data driven coded aperture design for depth recovery

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