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Samra, M. Co Author Listing * TV White Spaces Handover Scheme for Enabling Unattended Track Geometry Monitoring From In-Service Trains

Samra, S. Co Author Listing * Linear Time and Space Algorithm for Optimal Traffic-Signal Duration at an Intersection, A

Samragh, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * On the Application of Binary Neural Networks in Oblivious Inference
* Trojan Signatures in DNN Weights

Samrat, N.H.[Nahidul Hoque] Co Author Listing * Systematic Literature Review on Crop Yield Prediction with Deep Learning and Remote Sensing, A

Samreen, N. Co Author Listing * Deep Neural Networks Improve Radiologists' Performance in Breast Cancer Screening

Samreen, S.[Shamaila] Co Author Listing * Modeling of 2D Objects with Weighted-Quadratic Trigonometric Spline
* Quadratic Trigonometric Nu Spline with Shape Control, A

Samrose, S.[Samiha] Co Author Listing * DBATES: Dataset for Discerning Benefits of Audio, Textual, and Facial Expression Features in Competitive Debate Speeches

Samrouth, K. Co Author Listing * joint 3D image semantic segmentation and scalable coding scheme with ROI approach, A
* LAR-LLC: A Low-Complexity Multiresolution Lossless Image Codec
* Light Field Image Coding Using VVC Standard and View Synthesis Based on Dual Discriminator GAN
* Light Field Image Compression Based on Convolutional Neural Networks and Linear Approximation
Includes: Samrouth, K. Samrouth, K.[Khouloud]

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