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Sahr, E.M.[Eric M.] Co Author Listing * Particle Size-Frequency Distributions of the OSIRIS-REx Candidate Sample Sites on Asteroid (101955) Bennu

Sahr, J. Co Author Listing * Phase Calibration of an Along-Track Interferometric FMCW SAR

Sahr, J.D. Co Author Listing * On the Design of Quadratic Filters with Application to Image-Processing
* Video object tracking by estimating and subtracting background
Includes: Sahr, J.D. Sahr, J.D.[John D.]

Sahraee, M.J. Co Author Listing * robust blind watermarking method using quantization of distance between wavelet coefficients, A

Sahraei, R.[Roya] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms for Flood Susceptibility Mapping

Sahraeian, S.M.E. Co Author Listing * Contourlet based image watermarking using optimum detector in the noisy environment
* Contourlet-Based Image Watermarking Using Optimum Detector in a Noisy Environment
* Distribution independent blind watermarking
* Robust Scaling-Based Image Watermarking Using Maximum-Likelihood Decoder With Optimum Strength Factor

Sahraie, A.[Arash] Co Author Listing * Influence of Task and Scene Content on Subjective Video Quality

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