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Sabharwal, A.[Ashutosh] Co Author Listing * 3PointTM: Faster Measurement of High-dimensional Transmission Matrices
* Contact-free camera measurements of vital signs
* Direct-Global Separation for Improved Imaging Photoplethysmography
* FaceEngage: Robust Estimation of Gameplay Engagement from User-Contributed (YouTube) Videos
* Learning from Noisy Web Data with Category-Level Supervision
* Parametric Attributed Scattering Center Model for SAR Automatic Target Recognition
* PPGSecure: Biometric Presentation Attack Detection Using Photopletysmograms
* Seeing Beneath the Skin with Computational Photography
* SocialSync: Sub-Frame Synchronization in a Smartphone Camera Network
* Survey on Smart Homes for Aging in Place: Toward Solutions to the Specific Needs of the Elderly, A
* TabletGaze: dataset and analysis for unconstrained appearance-based gaze estimation in mobile tablets
* Webly Supervised Learning Meets Zero-shot Learning: A Hybrid Approach for Fine-Grained Classification
Includes: Sabharwal, A.[Ashutosh] Sabharwal, A. Sabharwal, A.[Ashu]
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Sabharwal, C.L.[Chaman L.] Co Author Listing * Fast Implementation of a Perfect Hash Function for Picture Objects, A
* Image Databases and Near-Perfect Hash Table
* Perfect Hash Table Algorithm for Image Databases Using Negative Associated Values

Sabharwal, M. Co Author Listing * Image Compression with Laplacian Guided Scale Space Inpainting

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