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Rubner, W.[Wolfgang] Co Author Listing * variational approach to vesicle membrane reconstruction from fluorescence imaging, A

Rubner, Y.[Yossi] Co Author Listing * Coalescing Texture Descriptors
* Comparing the EMD to other Dissimilarity Measures for Color Images
* Context-based image modelling
* Context-dependent segmentation and matching in image databases
* Earth Mover's Distance as a Metric for Image Retrieval, The
* Earth Mover's Distance, Multi-Dimensional Scaling, and Color-Based Image Retrieval, The
* Empirical Evaluation of Dissimilarity Measures for Color and Texture
* Metric for Distributions with Applications to Image Databases, A
* Perceptual Metrics for Image Database Navigation
* Probabilistic Framework for Edge Detection and Scale Selection, A
* Region correspondence for image matching via EMD flow
* Texture-based Image Retrieval without Segmentation
Includes: Rubner, Y.[Yossi] Rubner, Y.
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