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Remme, E.W.[Espen W.] Co Author Listing * Characteristic Strain Pattern of Moderately Ischemic Myocardium Investigated in a Finite Element Simulation Model
* Detection of Regional Mechanical Activation of the Left Ventricular Myocardium Using High Frame Rate Ultrasound Imaging
* Parameter Distribution Models for Estimation of Population Based Left Ventricular Deformation Using Sparse Fiducial Markers
Includes: Remme, E.W.[Espen W.] Remme, E.W.

Remmel, T.[Tarmo] Co Author Listing * Deciduous-Coniferous Classification and Internal Structure Derivation Using Airborne Lidar Data, A

Remmel, T.K.[Tarmo K.] Co Author Listing * Comparitive Study Using Geometric And Vertical Profile Features Derived From Airborne Lidar For Classifying Tree Genera, A
* Hybrid Ensemble Classification of Tree Genera Using Airborne LiDAR Data
* Maximizing the Diversity of Ensemble Random Forests for Tree Genera Classification Using High Density LiDAR Data

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