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Refaat, M.[Mervat] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Atmospheric and Ionospheric Variations Due to Impacts of Super Typhoon Mangkhut (1822) in the Northwest Pacific Ocean
* Fast stitching of videos captured from freely moving devices by exploiting temporal redundancy
* Improved optimal seam selection blending for fast video stitching of videos captured from freely moving devices
Includes: Refaat, M.[Mervat] Refaat, M.[Mahmoud]

Refaat, T.F.[Tamer F.] Co Author Listing * Airborne active remote sensor for atmospheric carbon dioxide
* High-Precision and High-Accuracy Column Dry-Air Mixing Ratio Measurement of Carbon Dioxide Using Pulsed 2-mu_m IPDA Lidar
Includes: Refaat, T.F.[Tamer F.] Refaat, T.F.

Refaey, M.A.[Mohammed A.] Co Author Listing * Concurrent transition and shot detection in football videos using Fuzzy Logic

Refaey, M.A.A.[Mohammed A. A.] Co Author Listing * Background Ruled-Lines Detection and Removal in Full-Colored Handwritten Image Documents

Refai, H.H. Co Author Listing * Automatic count of hepatocytes in microscopic images
* detection of single hepatocytes within clusters in microscopic images, The
* Intelligent Vehicle Counting and Classification Sensor for Real-Time Traffic Surveillance
* Precise Control over the Individual DMD Micromirror for Volumetric Three-Dimensional Display Applications
* Probabilistic Approach to Improve the Accuracy of Axle-Based Automatic Vehicle Classifiers, A
Includes: Refai, H.H. Refai, H.H.[Hakki H.]

Refan, F.[Fatemeh] Co Author Listing * Two Level Cost-Quality Optimization of 9-7 Lifting-Based Discrete Wavelet Transform

Refat, R.U.D.[Rafi Ud Daula] Co Author Listing * Graph-Based Intrusion Detection System for Controller Area Networks

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