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Recuero, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * Assessment of MODIS spectral indices for determining rice paddy agricultural practices and hydroperiod
* First Insights on Soil Respiration Prediction across the Growth Stages of Rainfed Barley Based on Simulated MODIS and Sentinel-2 Spectral Indices
* Improving Aboveground Forest Biomass Maps: From High-Resolution to National Scale
* Mapping Periodic Patterns of Global Vegetation Based on Spectral Analysis of NDVI Time Series
* Vegetation Water Use Based on a Thermal and Optical Remote Sensing Model in the Mediterranean Region of Doņana

Recupero, G.A.[Giuseppe Antonio] Co Author Listing * Sparsity-aided Variational Mesh Restoration

Recur, B.[Benoit] Co Author Listing * Global scheme for iterative mojette reconstructions
* Mojette reconstruction from noisy projections
* Rotations in the Mojette space
* Sinogram Restoration Using Confidence Maps to Reduce Metal Artifact in Computed Tomography
* Validation of Mojette reconstruction from Radon acquisitions
Includes: Recur, B.[Benoit] Recur, B.

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