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Razdan, A.[Anshuman] Co Author Listing * 3D face authentication and recognition based on bilateral symmetry analysis
* Automated 3D Face authentication and recognition
* Color-to-gray conversion using ISOMAP
* Curve matching for open 2D curves
* Feature Based Object Decomposition for Finite Element Meshing
* Fourier Shape Descriptors of Pixel Footprints for Road Extraction from Satellite Images
* framework for interactive image color editing, A
* Fuzzy Logic Based Sensor Fusion for Accurate Tracking
* Interactive Hyperspectral Image Visualization Using Convex Optimization
* Interval HSV: Extracting ink annotations
* new image registration scheme based on curvature scale space curve matching, A
* Road Network Extraction and Intersection Detection From Aerial Images by Tracking Road Footprints
Includes: Razdan, A.[Anshuman] Razdan, A.
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