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Raggam, H. Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Stereo-Radargrammetric Mapping Potential of TerraSAR-X Multibeam Spotlight Data
* Epipolarity Constraint in Stereo-Radargrammetric DEM Generation, The
* Forest Assessment Using High Resolution SAR Data in X-Band
* Humid tropical forest monitoring with multi-temporal L-, C- and X-band SAR data
* Mapping with Pléiades: End-to-End Workflow
* Surface Mapping Using Image Triplets: Case Studies and Benefit Assessment in Comparison to Stereo Image Processing
Includes: Raggam, H. Raggam, H.[Hannes]

Raggam, J. Co Author Listing * Combination of SAR and Optical Line Scanner Imagery for Stereoscopic Extraction Of 3-D Data, A
* TerraSAR-X Value Added Image Products

Raggio, M. Co Author Listing * ACTS Project-AC077. Scalable architectures with hardware extensions for low bitrate variable bandwidth realtime videocommunications (SCALAR)
* Efficient SIMD Implementation of the H.265 Decoder for Mobile Architecture, An
* Search window size decision for motion estimation algorithm in H.264 video coder
Includes: Raggio, M. Raggio, M.[Marco]

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