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Pucci, B. Co Author Listing * Olerdola's cave, Catalonia: a virtual reality reconstruction from terrestrial laser scanner and GIS data
* TLS Deformation Measurement Using LS3D Surface and Curve Matching

Pucci, F. Co Author Listing * Motion capture based on color error maps in a distributed collaborative environment

Pucci, G.[Geppino] Co Author Listing * Heterogeneous machine learning system for improving the diagnosis of primary aldosteronism

Pucci, P.[Patrizia] Co Author Listing * Convex Approximation Technique for Interacting Line Elements Deblurring: a New Approach
* new estimation of blur in the blind restoration problem, A
Includes: Pucci, P.[Patrizia] Pucci, P.

Pucci, R.[Rita] Co Author Listing * Collaborative Image and Object Level Features for Image Colourisation
* CVGAN: Image Generation with Capsule Vector-VAE
* Fixed simplex coordinates for angular margin loss in CapsNet
* Pro-CCaps: Progressively Teaching Colourisation to Capsules
* Self-Attention Agreement Among Capsules

Puccio, L. Co Author Listing * Image Compression Through Embedded Multiwavelet Transform Coding

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