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Piekarczyk, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Methods for Estimating Lake Surface Water Temperature Using Landsat 8
* Spectral Indices as a Tool to Assess the Moisture Status of Forest Habitats

Piekarczyk, M.[Marcin] Co Author Listing * Averaging Three-Dimensional Time-Varying Sequences of Rotations: Application to Preprocessing of Motion Capture Data
* Matrix-Based Hierarchical Graph Matching in Off-Line Handwritten Signatures Recognition
Includes: Piekarczyk, M.[Marcin] Piekarczyk, M.

Piekarski, E.[Eve] Co Author Listing * Multi-cycle Reconstruction of Cardiac MRI for the Analysis of Inter-ventricular Septum Motion During Free Breathing

Piekenbrock, M.[Matt] Co Author Listing * Parallelized Iterative Closest Point for Autonomous Aerial Refueling

Piekh, S. Co Author Listing * 3-D Time-Varying Scene Capture Technologies: A Survey

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