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Phua, C.[Clifton] Co Author Listing * Artifact correction with robust statistics for non-stationary intracranial pressure signal monitoring

Phua, K.[Koksoon] Co Author Listing * Heart sound as a biometric

Phua, K.H. Co Author Listing * Speed-up fractal image compression with a fuzzy classifier

Phua, M.H.[Mui How] Co Author Listing * Aboveground Biomass Changes in Tropical Montane Forest of Northern Borneo Estimated Using Spaceborne and Airborne Digital Elevation Data
Includes: Phua, M.H.[Mui How] Phua, M.H.[Mui-How]

Phua, R.[Robin] Co Author Listing * SLNSW-UTS: A Historical Image Dataset for Image Multi-Labeling and Retrieval

Phuan, A.T.L. Co Author Listing * multi-processed salient point detection system for autonomous navigation, A

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