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Pany, T. Co Author Listing * Known Vulnerabilities of Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Status, and Potential Mitigation Techniques

Panyam, N.S.[Narahari Sastry] Co Author Listing * Modeling of palm leaf character recognition system using transform based techniques

Panych, L.P. Co Author Listing * doubly adaptive approach to dynamic MRI sequence estimation, A
* efficient region of interest acquisition method for dynamic magnetic resonance imaging, An
* MR image encoding by spatially selective RF excitation: An analysis using linear response models
* Near-optimal spatial encoding for dynamically adaptive MRI: Mathematical principles and computational methods
* Neurofeedback fMRI-mediated learning and consolidation of regional brain activation during motor imagery
* study of long-term fMRI reproducibility using data-driven analysis methods, A
* Theoretical comparison of Fourier and wavelet encoding in magnetic resonance imaging
Includes: Panych, L.P. Panych, L.P.[Lawrence P.]
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Panyindee, C.[Chaiyaporn] Co Author Listing * Optimal Gaussian Weight Predictor and Sorting Using Genetic Algorithm for Reversible Watermarking Based on PEE and HS

Panyr, J.[Jiri] Co Author Listing * Finding Captions in PDF-Documents for Semantic Annotations of Images

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