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Paiement, A.[Adeline] Co Author Listing * Calorie Counter: RGB-Depth Visual Estimation of Energy Expenditure at Home
* comparative study of pose representation and dynamics modelling for online motion quality assessment, A
* Detecting humans in RGB-D data with CNNs
* DS-KCF: a real-time tracker for RGB-D data
* Energy expenditure estimation using visual and inertial sensors
* Extended Abstract of PhD Thesis: Integrated Registration, Segmentation, and Interpolation for 3D/4D Sparse Data
* Integrated Segmentation and Interpolation of Sparse Data
* Multi-Scale Gridded Gabor Attention for Cirrus Segmentation
* Multiple human tracking in RGB-depth data: a survey
* Online quality assessment of human motion from skeleton data
* Panoptic Segmentation of Galactic Structures in LSB Images
* Real-time RGB-D Tracking with Depth Scaling Kernelised Correlation Filters and Occlusion Handling
* Registration and Modeling From Spaced and Misaligned Image Volumes
* Skeleton-Free Body Pose Estimation from Depth Images for Movement Analysis
* View-Invariant Pose Analysis for Human Movement Assessment from RGB Data
Includes: Paiement, A.[Adeline] Paiement, A.
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Paiement, J.F. Co Author Listing * Generative Model of Urban Activities from Cellular Data, A

Paier, M.[Matteo] Co Author Listing * Efficient few-shot learning for pixel-precise handwritten document layout analysis

Paier, W.[Wolfgang] Co Author Listing * Articulated 3D model tracking with on-the-fly texturing
* FlowGames
* Going beyond free viewpoint: creating animatable volumetric video of human performances
* Hybrid Approach for Facial Performance Analysis and Editing, A
* Interactive facial animation with deep neural networks
* Real-time avatar animation with dynamic face texturing

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