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Oskouei, B.C.[Baharak Choudari] Co Author Listing * Chromosome Classification Based on Wavelet Neural Network

Oskouei, E.A.[Ebrahim Asadi] Co Author Listing * Mapping Climate Zones of Iran Using Hybrid Interpolation Methods
* Validation of the SMOS Level 1C Brightness Temperature and Level 2 Soil Moisture Data over the West and Southwest of Iran

Oskouei, M.M.[Majid M.] Co Author Listing * Independent Component Analysis of Hyperion Data to Map Alteration Zones
* PRISMA Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data for Mapping Alteration Minerals in Sar-e-Chh-e-Shur Region, Birjand, Iran
Includes: Oskouei, M.M.[Majid M.] Oskouei, M.M.[Majid Mohammady]

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