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Obata, K. Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Scaling Effects in the Area-Averaged Fraction of Vegetation Cover Retrieved Using an NDVI-Isoline-Based Linear Mixture Model
* Analytical Relationship between Two-Band Spectral Vegetation Indices Measured at Multiple Sensors on a Parametric Representation of Soil Isoline Equations
* Combination of Cross- and Inter-Band Radiometric Calibrations for a Hyperspectral Sensor Using Model-Based Spectral Band Adjustment
* Derivation of Relationships between Spectral Vegetation Indices from Multiple Sensors Based on Vegetation Isolines
* Design of Digital Fan Filters
* Development and Demonstration of a Method for GEO-to-LEO NDVI Transformation
* Inter-Algorithm Relationships for the Estimation of the Fraction of Vegetation Cover Based on a Two Endmember Linear Mixture Model with the VI Constraint
* Inter-Band Radiometric Comparison and Calibration of ASTER Visible and Near-Infrared Bands
* Lunar Calibration for ASTER VNIR and TIR with Observations of the Moon in 2003 and 2017
* Radiometric Degradation Curves for the ASTER VNIR Processing Using Vicarious and Lunar Calibrations
* Relationships Between Errors Propagated in Fraction of Vegetation Cover by Algorithms Based on a Two-Endmember Linear Mixture Model
* Relative Azimuthal-Angle Matching (RAM): A Screening Method for GEO-LEO Reflectance Comparison in Middle Latitude Forests
* Sensitivity Analysis Method for Spectral Band Adjustment between Hyperspectral Sensors: A Case Study Using the CLARREO Pathfinder and HISUI
* Simple Algorithm for Deriving an NDVI-Based Index Compatible between GEO and LEO Sensors: Capabilities and Limitations in Japan, A
* Spectral Cross-Calibration of VIIRS Enhanced Vegetation Index with MODIS: A Case Study Using Year-Long Global Data
* Wavelength Extension of the Optimized Asymmetric-Order Vegetation Isoline Equation to Cover the Range from Visible to Near-Infrared
Includes: Obata, K. Obata, K.[Kenta]
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Obata, M.[Masahito] Co Author Listing * Image area discriminating device

Obata, S.[Shingo] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Statewide NAIP Photogrammetric Point Clouds for Operational Improvement of National Forest Inventory Estimates in Mixed Hardwood Forests of the Southeastern U.S.
* Random Forest Regression Model for Estimation of the Growing Stock Volumes in Georgia, USA, Using Dense Landsat Time Series and FIA Dataset

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