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Nwe, M.T.L.[Ma Tin Lay] Co Author Listing * Progressive Multi-View Learning Approach for Multi-Loss Optimization in 3D Object Recognition, A

Nwe, T.L.[Tin Lay] Co Author Listing * Cam-Guided U-Net With Adversarial Regularization for Defect Segmentation
* CAM-UNET: Class Activation MAP Guided UNET with Feedback Refinement for Defect Segmentation
* Discriminative Features for Incremental Learning Classifier
* Improving 3D Brain Tumor Segmentation With Predict-Refine Mechanism Using Saliency And Feature Maps
* Meta Module Generation for Fast Few-Shot Incremental Learning
* RefineU-Net: Improved U-Net with progressive global feedbacks and residual attention guided local refinement for medical image segmentation
* Speaker Diarization Using Direction of Arrival Estimate and Acoustic Feature Information: The I2R-NTU Submission for the NIST RT 2007 Evaluation
Includes: Nwe, T.L.[Tin Lay] Nwe, T.L.
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