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Nill, L.[Leon] Co Author Listing * Assessing Spatiotemporal Variations of Landsat Land Surface Temperature and Multispectral Indices in the Arctic Mackenzie Delta Region between 1985 and 2018
* Mapping Crop Types and Cropping Systems in Nigeria with Sentinel-2 Imagery

Nill, N.B.[Norman B.] Co Author Listing * email: Nill, N.B.[Norman B.]: nbnill AT mitre org
* Objective Image Quality Measure Derived from Digital Image Power Spectra
* Visual Model Weighted Cosine Transform for Image Compression and Quality Assessment, A
Includes: Nill, N.B.[Norman B.] Nill, N.B.

Nill, W. Co Author Listing * VISTA: Visual Interpretation System for Technical Applications - Architecture and Use

Nillesen, M.M.[Maartje M.] Co Author Listing * Cardiac Motion Estimation Using Ultrafast Ultrasound Imaging Tested in a Finite Element Model of Cardiac Mechanics

Nillius, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Automatic Estimation of the Projected Light Source Direction
* Classifying Materials from Their Reflectance Properties
* Low-dimensional representations of shaded surfaces under varying illumination
* Multi-Target Tracking: Linking Identities using Bayesian Network Inference
* Phenomenological eigenfunctions for image irradiance
* Shading models for illumination and reflectance invariant shape detectors
* Theoretical Bounds and System Design for Multipinhole SPECT
Includes: Nillius, P.[Peter] Nillius, P.
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