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Nanzad, L.[Lkhagvadorj] Co Author Listing * Aboveground Biomass Dynamics of a Coastal Wetland Ecosystem Driven by Land Use/Land Cover Transformation
* Assessment of Drought Impact on Net Primary Productivity in the Terrestrial Ecosystems of Mongolia from 2003 to 2018
* Determination of Appropriate Remote Sensing Indices for Spring Wheat Yield Estimation in Mongolia
* Drought Monitoring and Performance Evaluation Based on Machine Learning Fusion of Multi-Source Remote Sensing Drought Factors
* Geomorphic Approach for Identifying Flash Flood Potential Areas in the East Rapti River Basin of Nepal, A
* Performance and the Optimal Integration of Sentinel-1/2 Time-Series Features for Crop Classification in Northern Mongolia

Nanzad, T.[Tsagaantsooj] Co Author Listing * Detection of Larch Forest Stress from Jas's Larch Inchworm (Erannis jacobsoni Djak) Attack Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

Nanzer, J.A.[Jeffrey A.] Co Author Listing * High Accuracy Distributed Kalman Filtering for Synchronizing Frequency and Phase in Distributed Phased Arrays

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