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Nafchi, H.Z.[Hossein Ziaei] Co Author Listing * Application of Phase-Based Features and Denoising in Postprocessing and Binarization of Historical Document Images
* CorrC2G: Color to Gray Conversion by Correlation
* Efficient Ground Truthing Tool for Binarization of Historical Manuscripts, An
* FSITM: A Feature Similarity Index For Tone-Mapped Images
* Global Haar-Like Features: A New Extension of Classic Haar Features for Efficient Face Detection in Noisy Images
* Historical Document Binarization Based on Phase Information of Images
* ICDAR 2015 contest on MultiSpectral Text Extraction (MS-TEx 2015)
* Influence of Color-to-Gray Conversion on the Performance of Document Image Binarization: Toward a Novel Optimization Problem
* MUG: A Parameterless No-Reference JPEG Quality Evaluator Robust to Block Size and Misalignment
* Phase Congruency Based Document Binarization, A
* Phase-Based Binarization of Ancient Document Images: Model and Applications
* Rectangular based binary image representation: Theory, applications, and dataset introduction
Includes: Nafchi, H.Z.[Hossein Ziaei] Nafchi, H.Z. Nafchi, H.Z.[H. Ziaei]
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