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Muzaffar, T.[Tanzeem] Co Author Listing * Increased Video Compression with Error-Resilience Capability Based on Macroblock Processing
* Processing of wavelet transform data for improved image compression
* Simplified EZW Image Coder with Residual Data Transmission
Includes: Muzaffar, T.[Tanzeem] Muzaffar, T.

Muzahid, A.A.M. Co Author Listing * Study of User Activity Patterns and the Effect of Venue Types on City Dynamics Using Location-Based Social Network Data, A

Muzalevskiy, K.[Konstantin] Co Author Listing * Application of Sentinel-1B Polarimetric Observations to Soil Moisture Retrieval Using Neural Networks: Case Study for Bare Siberian Chernozem Soil

Muzalevskiy, K.V. Co Author Listing * Retrieving Profile Temperatures in a Frozen Topsoil Near the TFS, Alaska, Based on SMOS Brightness Temperatures at the 1.4-GHz Frequency

Muzammal, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Towards 5G-Enabled Self Adaptive Green and Reliable Communication in Intelligent Transportation System

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