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Muszkats, J.P.[Juan Pablo] Co Author Listing * Cluster Approach to Cloud Cover Classification over South America and Adjacent Oceans Using a k-means/k-means++ Unsupervised Algorithm on GOES IR Imagery, A

Muszkieta, M.[Monika] Co Author Listing * Asymptotic Expansions for Higher Order Elliptic Equations with an Application to Quantitative Photoacoustic Tomography

Muszynski, C. Co Author Listing * Selection algorithm for parameters to characterize uterine EHG signals for the detection of preterm labor

Muszynski, G. Co Author Listing * approach to image segmentation based on shortest paths in graphs, An
* Atmospheric Blocking Pattern Recognition in Global Climate Model Simulation Data
* Persistence-Based Approach to Automatic Detection of Line Segments in Images, A
* Persistence-based resolution-independent meshes of superpixels
Includes: Muszynski, G. Muszynski, G.[Grzegorz]

Muszynski, M. Co Author Listing * Recognizing Induced Emotions of Movie Audiences from Multimodal Information

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