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Molkenstruck, S.[Sven] Co Author Listing * 3D Body Scanning in a Mirror Cabinet
* Low-Cost Laser Range Scanner and Fast Surface Registration Approach

Molkenthin, B.[Bastian] Co Author Listing * Non-linear rate control for H.264/AVC video encoder with multiple picture types using image-statistics and motion-based Macroblock Prioritization

Molkov, A.[Aleksandr] Co Author Listing * Aerosol Optical Properties above Productive Waters of Gorky Reservoir for Atmospheric Correction of Sentinel-3/OLCI Images
* Toward Atmospheric Correction Algorithms for Sentinel-3/OLCI Images of Productive Waters

Molkov, A.A.[Alexander A.] Co Author Listing * Modulation of Dual-Polarized X-Band Radar Backscatter Due to Long Wind Waves
* On Capabilities of Tracking Marine Surface Currents Using Artificial Film Slicks
* Regional Models for High-Resolution Retrieval of Chlorophyll a and TSM Concentrations in the Gorky Reservoir by Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Remote Sensing of Organic Films on the Water Surface Using Dual Co-Polarized Ship-Based X-/C-/S-Band Radar and TerraSAR-X

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