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Mocnik, A.[Arianna] Co Author Listing * Non-Invasive Methodological Approach to Detect and Characterize High-Risk Sinkholes in Urban Cover Evaporite Karst: Integrated Reflection Seismics, PS-InSAR, Leveling, 3D-GPR and Ancillary Data. A NE Italian Case Study

Mocnik, F.B.[Franz Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Capturing Flood Risk Perception via Sketch Maps
* Reduction of Map Information Regulates Visual Attention without Affecting Route Recognition Performance
* Shared Data Sources in the Geographical Domain: A Classification Schema and Corresponding Visualization Techniques
Includes: Mocnik, F.B.[Franz Benjamin] Mocnik, F.B.[Franz-Benjamin]

Mocnik, G.[Grisa] Co Author Listing * Bora Flow Characteristics in a Complex Valley Environment
* Investigation of Aerosol Types and Vertical Distributions Using Polarization Raman Lidar over Vipava Valley
* Retrieval of Vertical Mass Concentration Distributions: Vipava Valley Case Study
Includes: Mocnik, G.[Grisa] Mocnik, G.[Griša]

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