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Mihu Pintilie, A.[Alin] Co Author Listing * GIS-based Landform Classification of Eneolithic Archaeological Sites in the Plateau-plain Transition Zone (NE Romania): Habitation Practices vs. Flood Hazard Perception
* Managing Flood Hazard in a Complex Cross-Border Region Using Sentinel-1 SAR and Sentinel-2 Optical Data: A Case Study from Prut River Basin (NE Romania)
* Using UAV Survey, High-Density LiDAR Data and Automated Relief Analysis for Habitation Practices Characterization during the Late Bronze Age in NE Romania
Includes: Mihu Pintilie, A.[Alin] Mihu-Pintilie, A.[Alin]

Mihunov, V.[Volodymyr] Co Author Listing * Twitter Use in Hurricane Isaac and Its Implications for Disaster Resilience

Mihunov, V.V.[Volodymyr V.] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Approach for Detecting Rescue Requests from Social Media, A

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