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Mezzadri, P. Co Author Listing * Case of Capogrossi in Rome: Collecting Data with Different Technologies On A Contemporary Mural Painting, The

Mezzalama, M. Co Author Listing * syntactic procedure for the recognition of glottal pulses in continuous speech, A

Mezzane, D.[Daoud] Co Author Listing * Soil Salinity Detection and Mapping in an Environment under Water Stress between 1984 and 2018 (Case of the Largest Oasis in Africa-Morocco)

Mezzanotte, P. Co Author Listing * Noncontact Measurement of River Surface Velocity and Discharge Estimation With a Low-Cost Doppler Radar Sensor

Mezzino, D. Co Author Listing * Digital Tools for Documenting And Conserving Bahrain's Built Heritage For Posterity
* Digital Workflow for the Conservation of Bahrain Built Heritage: The Sheik Isa Bin Ali House
* From Field Work to Deliverables. Experiences On the Tin House Courtyard Documentation
* Interpretation of Sensor-Based 3D Documentation
* Technical Assistance For The Conservation Of Built Heritage At Bagan, Myanmar
Includes: Mezzino, D. Mezzino, D.[Davide]

Mezzomo, W. Co Author Listing * Data Integration Acquired From Micro-UAV And Terrestrial Laser Scanner For The 3d Mapping Of Jesuit Ruins Of São Miguel Das Missões

Mezzour, G. Co Author Listing * Smart Pandemic Management Through A Smart, Resilient and Flexible Decision-making System

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