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Meegama, R.G.N. Co Author Listing * Active contours with prior corner detection to extract discontinuous boundaries of anatomical structures in X-ray images
* BLAID: Boundaries from Locally Adaptive Isotropic Detection
* Detection of hard exudates from diabetic retinopathy images using fuzzy logic
* Fully Automated Peeling Technique For T1-weighted, High-quality MR Head Scans
* NURBS snakes
Includes: Meegama, R.G.N. Meegama, R.G.N.[Ravinda G. N.]

Meegan, D. Co Author Listing * Human Perception of Mismatched Stereoscopic 3D Inputs
* Stereo Image Quality: Effect of Mixed Spatio-Temporal Resolution

Meegan, E.[Eimear] Co Author Listing * Virtual Heritage Learning Environments

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