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Maver, J.[Jasna] Co Author Listing * AGs: Local descriptors derived from the dependent effects model
* How to Decide from the First View Where to Look Next
* Image Categorization Using Local Probabilistic Descriptors
* Local probabilistic descriptors for image categorisation
* Multiple eigenspaces
* Necessary Views for a Coarse Representation of a Scene
* Occlusions as a Guide for Planning the Next View
* Planning the next view using the max-min principle
* Planning the Optimal Set of Views Using the Max-Min Principle
* Recognizing 2-tone images in grey-level parametric eigenspaces
* Recognizing objects on cluttered backgrounds
* Self-Similarity and Points of Interest
* Which Slightly Different View Is the Right One
Includes: Maver, J.[Jasna] Maver, J.
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