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Luhmann, T. Co Author Listing * 4D Surface matching for high-speed stereo sequences
* Accuracy Investigations of Image Matching Techniques By Means of A Textured Dumbbell Artefact
* Close range photogrammetry for industrial applications
* Close Range Photogrammetry, Principles, Methods and Applications
* Close Range Photogrammetry: Principles, Techniques and Applications
* Combination of Terrestrial Laserscanning, UAV and Close-range Photogrammetry for 3d Reconstruction of Complex Churches in Georgia
* Comparison and Verification of Optical 3-D Surface Measurement Systems
* Concept And Practice Of Teaching Technical University Students To Modern Technologies Of 3d Data Acquisition And Processing: A Case Study Of Close-range Photogrammetry And Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Congruence analysis of point clouds from unstable stereo image sequences
* Data Fusion of Historical Photographs with Modern 3d Data for An Archaeological Excavation - Concept and First Results
* Deep Learning of Convolutional Auto-Encoder for Image Matching and 3D Object Reconstruction in the Infrared Range
* Eccentricity in Images of Circular and Spherical Targets and its Impact to 3D Object Reconstruction
* Evaluation of Interior Orientation Modelling for Cameras with Aspheric Lenses and Image Pre-processing with Special Emphasis to SfM Reconstruction
* Evaluation Of The Quality Of Action Cameras With Wide-angle Lenses In UAV Photogrammetry
* Experiences With 3d Reference Bodies For Quality Assessment Of Free-form Surface Measurements
* Extracting Roof Parameters and Heat Bridges over the City of Oldenburg from Hyperspectral-, Thermal-, and Airborne Laser Scanning Data
* Extracting Urban Parameters of the City of Oldenburg from Hyperspectral, Thermal, and Airborne Laser Scanning Data
* Geometric Calibration of Thermal Cameras
* Geometric Calibration Of Thermographic Cameras
* High-Resolution Image Rectification and Mosaicing: A Comparison between Panorama Camera and Digital Camera
* Influence Of Raw Image Preprocessing And Other Selected Processes On Accuracy Of Close-range Photogrammetric Systems According To Vdi 2634
* Interaction Between Direct Georeferencing, Control Point Configuration And Camera Self-calibration for RTK-Based UAV Photogrammetry
* Investigations on a Combined RGB/Time-of-flight Approach for Close Range Applications
* Investigations on the Quality of the Interior Orientation and Its Impact in Object Space for UAV Photogrammetry
* Learning Photogrammetry with Interactive Software Tool Phox
* Least-squares Matching with Advanced Geometric Transformation Models
* Measurement of Fluid-structure Interaction of Wind Turbines in Wind Tunnel Experiments: Concept And First Results
* Measuring Artificial Reefs Using A Multi-camera System for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles
* Modelling of chromatic aberration for high precision photogrammetry
* Monte-carlo- Simulation for Accuracy Assessment of A Single Camera Navigation System
* Object Deformations From Image Silhouettes Using A Kinematic Finite Element Beam Model
* Object-based Multi-Image Semi-Global Matching: Concept and first results
* On Scale Definition Within Calibration of Multi-camera Systems In Multimedia Photogrammetry
* Orientation of Point Clouds for Complex Surfaces In Medical Surgery Using Trinocular Visual Odometry and Stereo Orb-SLAM2
* Overview of Photogrammetric Measurement Techniques in Minimally Invasive Surgery Using Endoscopes
* Performance Evaluation of Several High-Quality Digital Cameras
* Photogrammetric calibration of a C-arm X-ray system as a verification tool for orthopaedic navigation systems
* Precise Head Tracking in Hearing Applications
* Precise Laser-Based Optical 3D Measurement of Welding Seams Under Water
* Precision potential of photogrammetric 6DOF pose estimation with a single camera
* Probabilistic Reconstruction of Orthodox Churches From Precision Point Clouds Using Bayesian Networks And Cellular Automata
* Qualitative Testing of an Advanced Terrestrial Laser Scanner Simulator: Users Experience and Feedback
* Semi-Global Matching in Object Space
* Sensor modelling and camera calibration for close-range photogrammetry
* Theme Issue: Image Analysis and Image Engineering in Close Range Photogrammetry
* Virtual Terrestrial Laser Scanner Simulator for Digitalisation Of Teaching Environment: Concept and First Results
Includes: Luhmann, T. Luhmann, T.[Thomas]
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