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Lo Turco, M. Co Author Listing * Data Modeling for Museum Collections
* Decay Classification Using Artificial Intelligence
* Digital Invasions: From Point Clouds to Historical Building Object Modeling (H-BOM) of a UNESCO WHL Site
* Documenting Historical Research for a Collection Information Modelling. A Proposal for a Digital Asset Management System
* From SfM to Semantic-Aware BIM Objects of Architectural Elements
* Metric Survey and BIM Technologies to Record Decay Conditions
* Modeling the Decay in an HBIM Starting From 3D Point Clouds. A Followed Approach for Cultural Heritage Knowledge
* Parametric and Visual Programming BIM Applied to Museums, Linking Container and Content
* Parametric Heritage. The Digital Reconstruction of P.l. Nervi's Palazzo Del Lavoro in The 3dmodelling Age
* Populating A Library of Reusable H-BOMS: Assessment of A Feasible Image Based Modeling Workflow
* Value of Knowledge Through H-BIM Models: Historic Documentation with a Semantic Approach, The
Includes: Lo Turco, M. Lo Turco, M.[Massimiliano] lo Turco, M.[Massimiliano]
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