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lo Presti, L.[Liliana] Co Author Listing * 3D skeleton-based human action classification: A survey
* Activity Monitoring Made Easier by Smart 360-degree Cameras
* Boosting Hankel matrices for face emotion recognition and pain detection
* Decoding Children's Social Behavior
* Deep Motion Model for Pedestrian Tracking in 360 Degrees Videos
* Depth-Aware Multi-object Tracking in Spherical Videos
* Enabling technologies on hybrid camera networks for behavioral analysis of unattended indoor environments and their surroundings
* Ensemble of Hankel Matrices for Face Emotion Recognition
* Entropy-Based Localization of Textured Regions
* Gesture Modeling by Hanklet-Based Hidden Markov Model
* Hankelet-based dynamical systems modeling for 3D action recognition
* HoP: Histogram of Patterns for Human Action Representation
* Impact and Detection of GNSS Jammers on Consumer Grade Satellite Navigation Receivers
* Joint Alignment and Modeling of Correlated Behavior Streams
* Multi-modal non-rigid registration of medical images based on mutual information maximization
* Novel Time Series Kernel for Sequences Generated by LTI Systems, A
* Object Matching in Distributed Video Surveillance Systems by LDA-Based Appearance Descriptors
* On-Board Selection of Relevant Images: An Application to Linear Feature Recognition
* on-line learning method for face association in personal photo collection, An
* Online Multi-person Tracking by Tracker Hierarchy
* Particle Filtering for Tracking in 360 Degrees Videos Using Virtual PTZ Cameras
* Path Modeling and Retrieval in Distributed Video Surveillance Databases
* Pattern recognition by means of the Radon transform and the continuous wavelet transform
* Real-time estimation of geometrical transformation between views in distributed smart-cameras systems
* Rlstm: A Novel Residual and Recurrent Network for Pedestrian Action Classification
* Using Hankel matrices for dynamics-based facial emotion recognition and pain detection
Includes: lo Presti, L.[Liliana] Lo Presti, L.[Liliana] Lo Presti, L.
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Lo Prete, M. Co Author Listing * Modelling of virtual compressed structures through physical simulation

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