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Llacer, J. Co Author Listing * Reconstructing 3D Light-Microscopic Images Using the EM Algorithm

Llacer, L.J.[Leandro Juan] Co Author Listing * Millimeter Wave MISO-OFDM Transmissions in an Intra-Wagon Environment

Llach Pinsach, J.[Joan] Co Author Listing * Automatic extraction method of the structure of a video sequence
Includes: Llach Pinsach, J.[Joan] Llach-Pinsach, J.[Joan]

Llach, J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive spatio-temporal filtering for video de-noising
* Improving the quality of depth image based rendering for 3D Video systems
* method of small object detection and tracking based on particle filters, A
* Multi-Scale Probabilistic Dithering for Suppressing Banding Artifacts in Digital Images
* Multiscale Probabilistic Dithering for Suppressing Contour Artifacts in Digital Images
* Non-uniform backlighting computation for high dynamic range displays
* Players and Ball Detection in Soccer Videos Based on Color Segmentation and Shape Analysis
* Temporally consistent caption detection in videos using a spatiotemporal 3D method
* Tracking of generic objects for video object generation
* Visual segment tree creation for MPEG-7 Description Schemes
Includes: Llach, J. Llach, J.[Joan]
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