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Ljung, P.[Patric] Co Author Listing * Interactive Visualization of 3D Scanned Mummies at Public Venues

Ljungberg, M. Co Author Listing * Correction to Segmentation of the Body and Lungs from Compton Scatter and Photopeak Window Data
* Deformable Fourier Surfaces for Volume Segmentation in SPECT
* Segmentation of the body and lungs from Compton scatter and photopeak window data in SPECT: a Monte-Carlo investigation
Includes: Ljungberg, M. Ljungberg, M.[Michael]

Ljungqvist, M.G.[Martin Georg] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral imaging based on diffused laser light for prediction of astaxanthin coating concentration
* Transferring and Compressing Convolutional Neural Networks for Face Representations

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