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Litorja, M. Co Author Listing * Comparison of NIR Versus SWIR Fluorescence Image Device Performance Using Working Standards Calibrated With SI Units
* Determining the Performance of Fluorescence Molecular Imaging Devices Using Traceable Working Standards With SI Units of Radiance

Litos, G.[Georgios] Co Author Listing * 3D model retrieval using accurate pose estimation and view-based similarity
* Investigating the Effects of Multiple Factors Towards More Accurate 3-D Object Retrieval
* SHREC'11 Track: Generic Shape Retrieval
* Synchronous Image Acquisition based on Network Synchronization
Includes: Litos, G.[Georgios] Litos, G.

Litoseliti, A.[Aspasia] Co Author Listing * Event-Based Inventory Approach in Landslide Hazard Assessment: The Case of the Skolis Mountain, Northwest Peloponnese, Greece, An

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