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Liem, C.C.S. Co Author Listing * Audiovisual Analysis of Music Performances: Overview of an Emerging Field
* Detecting Socially Significant Music Events Using Temporally Noisy Labels
* Exploiting scene maps and spatial relationships in quasi-static scenes for video face clustering
* Human-Explainable Features for Job Candidate Screening Prediction
* Multimedia Technologies for Enriched Music Performance, Production, and Consumption
* On detecting the playing/non-playing activity of musicians in symphonic music videos
* When music makes a scene
Includes: Liem, C.C.S. Liem, C.C.S.[Cynthia C.S.] Liem, C.C.S.[Cynthia C. S.]
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Liem, M.C.[Martijn C.] Co Author Listing * Coupled person orientation estimation and appearance modeling using spherical harmonics
* Joint multi-person detection and tracking from overlapping cameras
* Multi-modal human aggression detection
* Multi-person Localization and Track Assignment in Overlapping Camera Views
* Multi-person tracking with overlapping cameras in complex, dynamic environments
* Person appearance modeling and orientation estimation using Spherical Harmonics
Includes: Liem, M.C.[Martijn C.] Liem, M.C.

Lieman Sifry, J.[Jesse] Co Author Listing * FastVentricle: Cardiac Segmentation with ENet
Includes: Lieman Sifry, J.[Jesse] Lieman-Sifry, J.[Jesse]

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