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Lapsa, P.M. Co Author Listing * Efficient Multidimensional Transformation from Data Space to Parameter Space
* Image Identification and Segmentation According to Random Field Models
* Some statistical bounds for the accuracy of distance-based pattern classification
* Synthesis and Estimation of Random Fields Using Long-Correlation Models
* Unified Approach for Early-Phase Image Understanding Using a General Decision Criterion
Includes: Lapsa, P.M. Lapsa, P.M.[Paul M.]

Lapszynski, C.S.[Christopher S.] Co Author Listing * Assessing Salt Marsh Vulnerability Using High-Resolution Hyperspectral Imagery
* Effect of Grain Size on Hyperspectral Polarization Data of Particulate Material, The
* Retrieval of Salt Marsh Above-Ground Biomass from High-Spatial Resolution Hyperspectral Imagery Using PROSAIL
* Retrieval of Sediment Filling Factor in a Salt Panne from Multi-View Hyperspectral Imagery

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