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Laefer, D.F. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Road Edges From Aerial Laser Scanning Data
* Highly Scalable Data Management System for Point Cloud and Full Waveform Lidar Data, A
* Integrated Octree-RANSAC Technique for Automated LiDAR Building Data Segmentation for Decorative Buildings, An
* IQPC 2015 Track: Evaluation of Automatically Generated 2D Footprints from Urban Lidar Data
* Metrics for aerial, urban lidar point clouds
* Octree-based region growing for point cloud segmentation
* Per-point processing for detailed urban solar estimation with aerial laser scanning and distributed computing
* Robust statistical approaches for circle fitting in laser scanning three-dimensional point cloud data
* Slicing Method for curved fašade and window extraction from point clouds
* spatio-temporal index for aerial full waveform laser scanning data, A
* Storage, manipulation and visualization of LiDAR data
* Three-dimensional building fašade segmentation and opening area detection from point clouds
* Three-Dimensional Spatial Information Systems: State of the Art Review
* Visualisation of urban airborne laser scanning data with occlusion images
Includes: Laefer, D.F. Laefer, D.F.[Debra F.]
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