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Kupeev, K.Y.[Konstantin Y.] Co Author Listing * email: Kupeev, K.Y.[Konstantin Y.]: kupeev AT haifa vnet ibm com
* New Method of Estimating Shape Similarity, A
* On Shape Similarity
* On Significant Maxima Detection: A Fine-to-Coarse Algorithm
* Perceptual Convexity
* Reinforced Random Algorithm for a Partial Contour Perceptual Similarity Problem, A
Includes: Kupeev, K.Y.[Konstantin Y.] Kupeev, K.Y.

Kuper, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Contribution of NLP to the Content Indexing of Multimedia Documents

Kuper, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Geospatial Data Management Research: Progress and Future Directions
* Towards Intelligent Geo-database Support for Earth System Observation: Improving the Preparation and Analysis of Big Spatio-temporal Raster Data
Includes: Kuper, P.[Paul] Kuper, P.

Kuper, P.V.[Paul Vincent] Co Author Listing * Design of a Generic Mobile GIS for Professional Users
* story of DB4GeO: A service-based geo-database architecture to support multi-dimensional data analysis and visualization, The
Includes: Kuper, P.V.[Paul Vincent] Kuper, P.V.[Paul V.]

Kuperman, G.G.[Gilbert G.] Co Author Listing * Retinal information mapping system

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