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Kozegar, E. Co Author Listing * Mass Segmentation in Automated 3-D Breast Ultrasound Using Adaptive Region Growing and Supervised Edge-Based Deformable Model

Kozek, T. Co Author Listing * New Results and Measurements Related to Some Tasks in Object-Oriented Dynamic Image-Coding Using GNN Universal Chips

Kozek, W. Co Author Listing * Gabor Systems with Good TF-Localization and Applications to Image Processing

Kozempel, K. Co Author Listing * Camera orientation based on matching road networks
* Fast Vehicle Detection and Tracking in Aerial Image Bursts

Kozera, R.[Ryszard] Co Author Listing * 2D-Leap-Frog and Removal of Outliers in Noisy Photometric Stereo with Non-distant Illuminations
* algorithm for a linear shape-from-shading problem, An
* Conjugate Gradient in Noisy Photometric Stereo
* Cumulative Chord Piecewise-Quartics for Length and Curve Estimation
* Denoising Images: Non-linear Leap-Frog for Shape and Light-Source Recovery
* External versus Internal Parameterizations for Lengths of Curves with Nonuniform Samplings
* Geometric Properties for Incomplete Data
* Impossible and Ambiguous Shading Patterns
* Integrated Parallel 2D-Leap-Frog Algorithm for Noisy Three Image Photometric Stereo
* Interpolating Sporadic Data
* Length Estimation for Curves with Non-Uniform Sampling
* Length Estimation for Exponential Parameterization and epsilon-Uniform Samplings
* Length Estimation for the Adjusted Exponential Parameterization
* Nonlinearities and Noise Reduction in 3-Source Photometric Stereo
* Note on Existence and Uniqueness in Shape from Shading, A
* On Shape Recovery From Two Shading Patterns
* Optimal Knots Selection for Sparse Reduced Data
* piecewise quadratic approach to single image shape from shading, A
* Quartic Orders and Sharpness in Trajectory Estimation for Smooth Cumulative Chord Cubics
* Recognising Algebraic Surfaces from Two Outlines
* Robust Surface Fitting from Two Views using Restricted Correspondence
* Second-Order Algebraic Surfaces and Two Image Photometric Stereo
* Sharpness in Trajectory Estimation by Piecewise-quadratics(-cubics) and Cumulative Chords
* Uniqueness in Shape from Shading Revisited
* Well-posedness of linear shape-from-shading problem
Includes: Kozera, R.[Ryszard] Kozera, R.
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Kozerawski, J.[Jedrzej] Co Author Listing * BLT: Balancing Long-tailed Datasets with Adversarially-perturbed Images
* CLEAR: Cumulative LEARning for One-Shot One-Class Image Recognition
Includes: Kozerawski, J.[Jedrzej] Kozerawski, J.

Kozerke, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Cardiac Fibers Estimation from Arbitrarily Spaced Diffusion Weighted MRI
* Multi-scale Feature Based Optic Flow Method for 3D Cardiac Motion Estimation, A
* Reducing Navigators in Free-Breathing Abdominal MRI via Temporal Interpolation Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Kozerke, S.[Sebastian] Kozerke, S.

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