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Kirli, O.[Onder] Co Author Listing * Automatic writer identification from text line images
Includes: Kirli, O.[Onder] Kirli, ÷.[÷nder]

Kirlik, G. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Path Planning Approach for Multirobot Sensor-Based Coverage Considering Energy Constraints, A

Kirlin, R.L.[R. Lynn] Co Author Listing * Adaptive image compression using Karhunen-Loeve transform
* Blind single-image super resolution based on compressive sensing
* Compression enhancement of video motion of mouth region using joint audio and video coding
* evaluation of a crosscorrelation pattern recognition technique for flow visualization, The
* Temporal Impulsive Noise Excision in the Range-Doppler Map of HF Radar
Includes: Kirlin, R.L.[R. Lynn] Kirlin, R.L.[Rodney Lynn] Kirlin, R.L.

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