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Kiapour, H. Co Author Listing * Give Me a Hint! Navigating Image Databases Using Human-in-the-Loop Feedback

Kiapour, M.H.[M. Hadi] Co Author Listing * Brand > Logo: Visual Analysis of Fashion Brands
* Conditional Image-Text Embedding Networks
* Hipster Wars: Discovering Elements of Fashion Styles
* Materials discovery: Fine-grained classification of X-ray scattering images
* Mine the fine: Fine-grained fragment discovery
* Paper Doll Parsing: Retrieving Similar Styles to Parse Clothing Items
* Parsing clothing in fashion photographs
* Retrieving Similar Styles to Parse Clothing
* Where to Buy It: Matching Street Clothing Photos in Online Shops
Includes: Kiapour, M.H.[M. Hadi] Kiapour, M.H.
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