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Kees, N. Co Author Listing * Stereo Reconstruction Of Atmospheric Cloud Surfaces From Fish-eye Camera Images

Keesen, H.W. Co Author Listing * Digital consumer HDTV recording based on motion-compensated DCT coding of video signals
* Video encoder and decoder image motion estimation system with reduced computation
Includes: Keesen, H.W. Keesen, H.W.[Heinz-Werner]

Keesman, G.[Gertjan] Co Author Listing * Bit-rate control for MPEG encoders
* Fast Route for Application of Rate-Distortion Optimal Quantization in an MPEG Video Encoder, A
* Study of the subjective performance of a range of MPEG-2 encoders
* Transcoding of MPEG bitstreams
Includes: Keesman, G.[Gertjan] Keesman, G.

Keesman, G.J. Co Author Listing * On Performance Gains in MPEG-2 Video Coding via a Rate-Distortion Optimal Route

Keesstra, S.[Saskia] Co Author Listing * Multi-Hazard Exposure Mapping Using Machine Learning Techniques: A Case Study from Iran
* Overview of UAV Activities in Wageningen Unmanned Aerial Remote Sensing Facility
* Time Delay Evaluation on the Water-Leaving Irradiance Retrieved from Empirical Models and Satellite Imagery
Includes: Keesstra, S.[Saskia] Keesstra, S.

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