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Kayumba, P.M.[Patient Mindje] Co Author Listing * Developing a Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM)-Based Model for Reconstructing Terrestrial Water Storage Variations from 1982 to 2016 in the Tarim River Basin, Northwest China
* Historic and Simulated Desert-Oasis Ecotone Changes in the Arid Tarim River Basin, China
* Long-Term Performance Evaluation of the Latest Multi-Source Weighted-Ensemble Precipitation (MSWEP) over the Highlands of Indo-Pak (1981-2009)
* Modeling the Near-Surface Energies and Water Vapor Fluxes Behavior in Response to Summer Canopy Density across Yanqi Endorheic Basin, Northwestern China
* Projected Meteorological Drought over Asian Drylands under Different CMIP6 Scenarios
* Recent Response of Vegetation Water Use Efficiency to Climate Change in Central Asia
* Water Deficit May Cause Vegetation Browning in Central Asia
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Kayumbi, G.[Gabin] Co Author Listing * Distributed visual sensing for virtual top-view trajectory generation in football videos
* Global trajectory reconstruction from distributed visual sensors
* Multiview Trajectory Mapping Using Homography with Lens Distortion Correction
* Robust Homography-Based Trajectory Transformation for Multi-Camera Scene Analysis

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