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Kasvand, T. Co Author Listing * 3D Curve Based Matching Method Using Dynamic Programming
* Critical Points on a Perfectly 8- or 6-Connected Thin Binary Line
* Cross-Angle Transform for Viewer-Independent Recognition of 3-D Objects
* DP Matching Method for Recognition of Occluded, Reflective and Transparent Objects with Unconstrained Background and Illumination
* Experiments with an On-Line Picture Language
* Extraction of Edges in 3D Range Images to Subpixel Accuracy
* Hierarchical Approach for Polyhedra Recognition by Hypothesis Accumulation
* Iterative Edge Detection
* K1K2 Space in Range Image Analysis, The
* Linear Approximations of Quantized Thin Lines
* New Approach to Machine Recognition of Chinese Characters, A
* Polyhedron Recognition by Hypothesis Accumulation
* Recognition and Positioning of Three-Dimensional Objects by Combining Matchings of Primitive Local Patterns
* Recognition of Kidney Glomerulus by Dynamic Programming Matching Method
* Recognition of Line Shapes Based on Thinning, Segmentation with Good Connectivity Algorithms, and Regularization
* Scene Segmentation and Segment Clustering Experiments
* Segmentation of Single Gray Level Pictures of General 3D Scenes
* Segmentation of Thinned Binary Scenes with Good Connectivity Algorithms
* Some Thoughts on Picture Languages
* Step or Jump Edge Detection by Extrapolation
* Surface Curvatures in 3D Range Images
* Total 8-connectivity on the square raster
* Transparent Object Extraction from Regular Textured Backgrounds by Using Binary Parallel Operations
Includes: Kasvand, T. Kasvand, T.[Tony]
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Kasvi, E.[Elina] Co Author Listing * Fusion of Mobile Laser Scanning and Panoramic Images for Studying River Environment Topography And Changes
* Seamless Mapping of River Channels at High Resolution Using Mobile LiDAR and UAV-Photography

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