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Kabeja, C.[Crispin] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Land Use/Cover Changes by Using Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing for Urban Hydrological Assessment: A Case Study in Beijing, China

Kabenge, I.[Isa] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing in Field Crop Monitoring: A Comprehensive Review of Sensor Systems, Data Analyses and Recent Advances

Kaber, D.B. Co Author Listing * Emotional State Classification in Patient-Robot Interaction Using Wavelet Analysis and Statistics-Based Feature Selection
* Human-Centered Evaluation of EMG-Based Upper-Limb Prosthetic Control Modes
* Underpinnings of Workload in Unmanned Vehicle Systems, The
* Usability Comparison of Conventional Direct Control Versus Pattern Recognition Control of Transradial Prostheses
Includes: Kaber, D.B. Kaber, D.B.[David B.]

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